Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Estée Lauder Remembers A “ not so nice, not so generous” Elizabeth Arden

So I've had my hands on Estée Lauder - A Success Story for quite sometimes now and have just gotten around to finishing it this past last week. I believe what motivated me to finish this book may have been New York fashion week coming to an end.

Hashtag: So Long NY Fashion Week!

Because the book was so indebt, insightful and just downright behind the scenes real I thought I'd feature a chapter from the book that was the most interesting to me. Estée lets us into the relationship she had with the ever so iconic Elizabeth Arden, the Elizabeth Arden she knew of..that is.

Monday, October 3, 2016

#TalkingOutLoud: Ep 11, Is Global Warming Really Real?

Hey Guys!
On this episode of #TalkingOutLoud I discuss an article featured in the September 2016 Issue of #MarieClaire magazine titled "On Thin Ice" written by Kimberly Cutter as they follow Marie Claire's Creative Director Nina Garcia to Alaska to witness the rapid ice melting effects due to global warming. In this episode I discuss what are the leading causes in todays drastic climate change, seismic blasting and ways you too can get your voice heard to end seismic blasting and an end of food scarcity.

In which ways are you reducing your carbon foot print? Tell us below!
Listen to the episode Here.


On Thin Ice // Marie Claire September Issue 2016

It was quite alarming to be greeted by the huge ice glacier cave of Mendenhall, just below Alaska just at the peek of a page turn after the editorial spread featuring Sarah Jessica  Parkers story. The photo stands true to life and true to color. A vibrant sneaky shined ice polished cave that Marie Claire’s creative Director Nina Garcia stands just in the belly in. The caption below reads: Within a year or two all the ice glacier caves that make up Alaska will be melted.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Editor's Letter // October

Very well October so we meet again. :)
May we all very well agree that fall is just about everyones favorite time of year?
The leaves and the weather haven't stared to change just yet where I live quite yet, but things are just about the opposite in my place.

Already I've began scenting up the aroma of fall at my house! and Ive started with my favorite essence of the fall: Fall Candles and Cinnamon scented Pinecones I found at JoAnne Fabrics!

Don't you just love Fall candles? My favorite thing to do this season is to watch Fall candle hauls on Youtube to mentally build a candle shopping list within my mind on which candles Im going to go out and buy next for my home! 


Friday, September 30, 2016

#TalkingOutLoud: Ep 10, Suffragette Film Review

To close the week on the podcast, this episode of #TalkingOutLoud I discuss my thoughts on the film Suffragette starring Carey Mulligan and directed by Sarah Gavron. On the podcast I discuss my favorite characters, my intitial overall opinion on the emotional ranging film and who touched my heart the most throughout the climax of the film.

Have you seen the film? What were some of your favorite/least favorite characters? Tell me below!