Sunday, September 18, 2016


When we awoke the next morning the morning of my birthday 8•24 did I also mention it was also Kobe Bryant’s birthday? so I had a field day watching all the people stroll by in their kobe jerseys. 

We hailed a cab on 43rd street to the Met Gala which by the way was the most peaceful taxi cab ride that I have EVER rode in New York. (lets just say I have not had very many peaceful cab rides in my life time.) the ride was maybe about 20 to 25 minutes and the car ride put both my boys to sleep so I used this time to be inspired and take it all in. The storefronts alone are always the most beautiful aspects of New York. I always find myself so fan girling over the Kate Spade storefronts. 

// Couple New Yorkers // 
We arrived at the met gala and can I just say I nearly died. I mean…do we understand just how iconic this museum is? Ive wanted to go to The Metropolitan Museum  since I read Andre Leon Talley's memoir only my favorite memoir in the world “Andre Leon Talley” were he talks a bit about his start in volunteering at the museum in the sixties taking direction and mentoring under the only ever iconic Diana Vreeland herself. Diana Vreeland began her start in creating the exhibitions at the museum just at the ending of her run at Harpers Bazzar.

 Now allow me to allow you this time to decipher just how much I've been obsessing over the visitation of this Museum.

The Muesum is soooooooo big. So many exhibitions to choose from. The tickets are your choice of purchase. you decide just how much you want to pay for your ticket. 5 dollars maybe even 10 dollars. All kids are free. (We took the 10 dollar route) 

My hubby was super interested in seeing and observing the ancient Egyptian exhibition but because we arrived almost an hour before closing time I nearly dragged him to the fashion exhibition. 

Manus x Machina 
Fashion in the Age of Technology 

This exhibition was the most theatric, historical beautifully well designed Museum my eyes have ever feasted over. Featuring historical pieces and quotes from Chanel, Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen, Prada and Yves Saint Lauren. Did I mention he is the originator of the original Snapchat Flower Filter?
Yves Saint Laurent 

As beautiful as the museum was we didn't have time to see if all. My hubby and I agreed to make it an annual trip to visit the ever changing exhibitions at the museum and I cant wait to go 

back yet again!

If you have never visited the museum I highly recommend you take a trip to New York at doing so! 

You’ll Love it!  Have Fun & Enjoy!



  1. I happened to be lucky that my friend couldn't find a date for an event so he generously took me with him, which happened to be one of the best experience for me in recent times. I was lucky enough to see this place. If you get a chance to check these lofty spaces out please do so.

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