Monday, September 19, 2016


This particular birthday was a super special birthday. Not just because I was gifted a surprise trip to the historical Metropolitan Museum of Art from my hubby, but because I was able to spend it with my two favorite people in the whole wide world. My boy, My hubby and my camera! so that makes 3 favorites right? LOL 

My family and I flew out to New York on the night just before my birthday. The flight was a breeze, a bit terrifying (considering the massive amounts of turbulence) yet a breeze considering it was only my first 1 hour flight! 1 hour? really???? this is a joke right?
When we landed in NY it was nothing short of tempting, upbeat, inspiring usual New York. The scent, the vibrancy, the air. Everything about New York continues to inspires me on tremendous levels. 

We spent a few hours in the city as we watched the cartoon characters float by requesting we take their photos, shopping at a few stores and catching the ice cream truck to get ice cream cones at Mr. Softees! 

Village Natural // Vegetarian Restaurant // Greenwich Village, New York

Did I mention we were maybe the only ones having an ice cream cone at 12 in the morning? 
Only in New York will this be acceptable. And just maybe only for my birthday...

We walked around the city for all of an hour, sat on the glowing red stairs of Times Square and just sat back, enjoyed our ice cream and watched the city be. 

Not only was The Met gala the only surprise my hubby had in store for me. When we jumped into the back of the cab my hubby goes *in his thick New York accent* “Take us to the Waldorf”

*I pause* 

The Waldorf Asrotia hotel? Only the most historical hotel in the heart of New York?
The Waldorf Astoria in Coming to America only Noah’s  favorite movie when he was a baby.

When we arrived at the hotel on Park Avenue,  the entry way and stairwell was the most beautiful intricate detailing I've ever seen in my life. When you arrive to check into your hotel you pass shoe shinning rooms, glassed caged couture gowns by Oscar De La Renta, a salon by Guerlain and greeted with the most amazing melody being played by an actual live piano player!

How romantic?
everything about the Waldorf is so historical, glamorous, iconic and romantic.

Our room was wonderful. A wonderful suite decked out in the most beautiful historical hints of gold that I've ever seen. The bathroom alone was literally bigger than my recording studio back home! (Talk about life goals!) 


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