Friday, September 30, 2016


Hey Guys! 
Welcome into my kitchen come on in..
This is everything that goes into rotation in and out of my refrigerator on a weekly basis. New things may be added weekly but what you see are my primary fruits and veggies that I like to keep replenished.
 These photos have been taken on a Monday night which are the days I like to prepare my refrigerator by going grocery shopping. (hence the plastics and the reason nothing is chopped or prepared for Spiraling/grilling or juicing.) 

Noah Requires his Capri Suns! LOL

And I require my Strawberries! #Yum I love them for breakfast in a fruit bowl, or fruit smoothie.

Normally through out the week the fruits and veggie you see here will already be juiced or smoothied. But because of the lack of preparation time I had today you get the luck of seeing before and afters! 

So stop by next week to see some of my favorite juices that I like to juice and drink on a daily basis!



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