Saturday, October 1, 2016

Editor's Letter // October

Very well October so we meet again. :)
May we all very well agree that fall is just about everyones favorite time of year?
The leaves and the weather haven't stared to change just yet where I live quite yet, but things are just about the opposite in my place.

Already I've began scenting up the aroma of fall at my house! and Ive started with my favorite essence of the fall: Fall Candles and Cinnamon scented Pinecones I found at JoAnne Fabrics!

Don't you just love Fall candles? My favorite thing to do this season is to watch Fall candle hauls on Youtube to mentally build a candle shopping list within my mind on which candles Im going to go out and buy next for my home! 

Earlier in the week I was greeted by the October issue Of Instyle magazine featuring Michelle Obama just at the check out line at the supermarket. I happen to browse through the magazine and find my eyes quite appetized and pleased with the images; Not only because of which top label designer she’s wearing, but because I'm so pleased and inspired by her influence and advocacy in regards to the american diet and ways in which we can improve on this topic and increasing habit. Ive found myself very inspired by her.

This month I will be featuring the editorial and spread here on the blog.  So Stay posted, Subscribe and never miss a post!



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