Monday, October 3, 2016

On Thin Ice // Marie Claire September Issue 2016

It was quite alarming to be greeted by the huge ice glacier cave of Mendenhall, just below Alaska just at the peek of a page turn after the editorial spread featuring Sarah Jessica  Parkers story. The photo stands true to life and true to color. A vibrant sneaky shined ice polished cave that Marie Claire’s creative Director Nina Garcia stands just in the belly in. The caption below reads: Within a year or two all the ice glacier caves that make up Alaska will be melted.

Do we understand the occurrence of why this is?
 I ask myself as I begin to prep my right hand for the page turning. The article follows Nina Garcia and Abigial Dillen (Earth justice's Vice President) as they travel to Alaska to witness the alarming rate of Global Warming at the source of it all: The Melting Ice. 
So what are the major contributing factors to global warming and in what ways does a fashion industry have to do with it you ask?
Did you know the Fashion business, which brings in $2.5 trillion per year, is responsible for 85 percent of all textiles that end up in landfills (about 21 billion tons) each year and for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, which are the primary source of human-caused global warming. 

Another primary factory of the leading cause of global warming is the massive amounts of fossil fuels we burn in our daily lives. Because of the massive amounts of burning fossil fuels that are being burned off,  this causes an emission fuel reaction that happens to trap the Sun’s heat into the atmosphere making it extremely hard for the environments and temperatures to begin to cool down right around the time that the atmosphere is supposed to be cooling down. Think of this as a blanket around the Earth constantly keeping the Earth warm at all times like a baby! But the Earth does not require being warm at all times. Hashtag: Get Off Me Blankey!

Recently I came across a documentary by my favorite youtube channel: AsapScience 
Greg and Mitch (of AsapScience) gear up their equipment and travel to Alaska to witness and film the massive amounts of global warming that are accusing within the oceans of Alaska. 
Within the documentary we see the cultures which are elected by the causes of global warming and seismic blasting: food scarcity. 

Beacause the ice is melting, this gives a great leeway to Oil company to sail further and further within the oceans that are free of ice making them at free range for seismic blasting. Because the cultures there in Alaska survive off of the aquatic life (fish, whale etc.) as a primary food source this seismic blasting makes it very hard for them to find food.

What is seismic blasting you ask?
Seismic Blasting is a technique Oil companies use to blast the oceans floors in search of more fossil fuels beneath the ocean floors aka Oil. 

The great news is this jurisdiction has not been ruled out quite yet and you as an individual can vote NO to end seismic blasting! Posted below is a link that will direct you to a link where you can sign the petition and cast your vote to end seismic blasting!

Save Your Planet One Seismic Blasting No Vote At A Time!

Watch: The End Of Arctic Here 

 The Petition Here 




  1. Wow! This was so informative. I didn't know half of the information that was shared on your post. I enjoyed reading this! :)

    1. I was very alarmed myself when I came across the article in Marie Claire. I think its such a wonderful way to keep readers aware of everyday environmental impacts by putting them in fashion magazines.

      Thank you for reading and following!
      Truly appreciated :)

      Amber Reneé

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